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Thank you :D

2009-07-18 11:00:06 by Veich

Thank you all that you like my art so much.
I will keep doing such abstract things...
You could send me some thoughts about something, that would be a cool art.
I will try to do it and post it at the same day i finish it ^^



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2009-07-25 14:45:27

Your art is really great!
I'm glad I scouted you!
Keep it up!


2009-09-20 13:48:06

dude, plz tell what programm you useing to make such cool pics, just tring to make some art too...thx eny ways


2009-09-20 13:49:50

btw keep up the great work!


2010-03-28 10:26:15

is that fractal artwork?
cuz for me i dl'd fractal forge and i dont get it :P so gratz and i love your work!!!


2010-05-15 14:18:15

You deserve it dude, your artwork is really cool, and abstract, what program do you use?


2011-01-30 01:24:29

Wait I added one of your art submissions to my favorites but I just realized.. You have yet to be scouted! Mindfuck I knoe


2012-01-10 05:17:15

No problem man... but I don't know what to reccomend you to do right now... haha... so sorry...

You just do your magnificent stuff, it will always look good!